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"Being part of a community that meets daily to sit in meditation has been a blessing during these trying times. It gives me a sense of encouragement and support."


About Us

We offer a free and supportive mindfulness community for people who completed mindfulness-based programs (MBCT, MBSR, MSC, etc.) and workshops to make mindfulness part of your everyday.

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MBC Offerings


Online Community

Practice Sessions

throughout the day

Mindful Community

Sharing Sessions

Guest Speakers to expand your knowledge of mindfulness 


Notifications to support your practice


Book a short 1-on-1 to learn about the community and

book your notifcations

Try out a session before you join




with Regular 


Keep up the benefits

of mindfulness

in daily life. (Info about practices)

Ongoing sessions are welcome to those who have completed the Introduction to Youth Mindfulness session.

We'll start with the 

basics to build a strong 

foundation to learn.

In this introduction session, we'll learn the practice of mindfulness and its application to living a healthier life.

The sessions will include mindfulness meditations, exercises and discussion to develop awareness skills for becoming more resilient in the face of everyday challenges.

We invite new clients to book a complimentary consultation and

intake session. 

We'll use this time to get to know each other. The initial consultation is a conversation between facilitator and the client.


In our conversation, we'll complete the intake process and discuss what's the right approach at this time. It's also an opportunity to ask any questions, and to learn more about mindfulness.


These sessions will develop self- awareness, cultivate resilience and compassion, and allow for healthier relationships to develop as a result. Sessions will be customized, and adapted to the individual according to their interests and needs, and can grow and change with them.


"Practicing with a virtual community during the pandemic has been such a meaningful and rewarding experience. It's allowed me to calm my nerves and control my anxiety during these often uncertain times."


"I had trouble building mindfulness and meditation into my daily routine but Jeremy has made it easy. Being able to take some time for my self care in this way has been incredibly rewarding. Being part of this community has benefitted my mental health and I'm truly thankful for that."


I've been attending the mindfulness sessions regularly for over a year. Jeremy's guidance is soothing, non-judgemental, and keeps me focussed on the present moment. The sessions have been an oasis of calm and community during the pandemic. Meditating with a group, even over Zoom has helped me to keep my mindfulness practice going. I know that whenever I need the support, Jeremy and the group will be there for me. 


“The meditations provided coherence and structure to my day. It allowed me to begin a formal meditation practice which I could not accomplish on my own. Also, it provided a space of acceptance and mutual striving towards a more mindful relationship with oneself.


I had the privilege to mediate with Jeremy and the members  in a group where i felt secure and safe. Every morning, i tuned into the Zoom class, just having a warmth hello and a smile from Jeremy and the meditators meant the world to me .  When I meditated, I knew he meant the best for us, accepting us the way we were. He helped me to develop within calmness, a sense of belonging, the presence of self/others, self-acceptance, emptiness, wanting to be a part of a mindful and supportive community.

I was on the road of remission from cancer, it's long-term impacts on my global health. He helped me to develop, being honest with myself cause I could be vulnerable, feeling safe and serene. What better gift could I ever received. 

Thanks for Jeremy and the community for their benevolence and compassionate presences. 


Join with an introduction

In this introductory Zoom session, you will meet with a Mindfulness-Based Community facilitator to get yourself acquainted with the community's offerings, including daily online community practice, live and online group discussion, mindfulness and mental health guest speakers and personalized practice notifications.


Also, we will discuss how the community can best support you in continuing your mindfulness practice to benefit your mental and physical health. 

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Consider joining MBC today to further integrate your mindfulness program.