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What is Mindfulness?

What mindfulness is:

- A quiet, reflective practice to spend time observing thoughts and feelings
- A simple skill that can be used at any time independently or with guidance

What it helps to do:

- Building awareness of self 

- Gaining an understanding of emotions

- Fostering calm alertness 

- Encouraging better, more thoughtful

decision-making for the well-being of oneself 

and others

- Improving an openness to learning

- Making adaptability to change more accessible

- Balancing moods

- Responding more objectively to stressful and upsetting


- Accepting and being yourself

What it's not:

- Religious, spiritual or indoctrinating
- Something you need any special equipment or

clothing for
- Dependent on any previous knowledge or experience

How Mindfulness Can Help Children and Teenagers:


Mindfulness is a skill children and teenagers can learn,

that can help them to comfortably be themselves.

They’ll learn how to practice mindfulness both

regularly to help them in their day-to-day lives, as well

as during more challenging times when they need to

find calmness and to centre themselves. It’s something

they can do quietly, on their own for a few minutes or

for longer if they like, and then return to their regular

activities feeling refreshed and more peaceful.

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