Supporting your

 Mindfulness Practice


Daily Online Community Mindfulness Practice to

suit your schedule

Personalized notifications to support your ongoing attendance & practice

Community discussion through live sessions and 

private social group

Mindfulness Guest Speakers to develop your understanding of mindfulness


About Us

MBC offers a free & supportive mindfulness community for graduates of mindfulness-based programs

 (MBCT, MBSR, MSC, et. al), mindfulness trainings & workshops to make mindfulness part of your everyday.

Continuing practice from your training.

Do you want

that feeling

of practing

and learning


with others?

In this introductory session, you will

meet with a Mindfulness-Based Community facilitator to get yourself acquainted with the community's offerings, including daily online community practice, live and online group discussion, mindfulness and mental health guest speakers and personalized practice notifications.


Also, we will discuss how the community can best support you in continuing your mindfulness practice to benefit your mental and physical health. 



Supporting your practice with notifications for your ongoing practice

In this introduction session, we'll learn the practice of mindfulness and its application to living a healthier life.

The sessions will include mindfulness meditations, exercises and discussion to develop awareness skills for becoming more resilient in the face of everyday challenges.

Live Community



for your schedule

Online guided, community practice throughout the day to accommodate your schedule

We'll use this time to get to know each other. The initial consultation is a conversation between facilitator and the client.


In our conversation, we'll complete the intake process and discuss what's the right approach at this time. It's also an opportunity to ask any questions, and to learn more about mindfulness.


Mindfully Share your 

mindfulness journey

Ongoing sessions are welcome to those who have completed the Introduction to Youth Mindfulness session.

These sessions will develop self- awareness, cultivate resilience and compassion, and allow for healthier relationships to develop as a result. Sessions will be customized, and adapted to the individual according to their interests and needs, and can grow and change with them.

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