Info Session

for Youth

& Parents

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Learn what mindfulness is

and how it can help 

If you are a teen, youth or a parent who is considering mindfulness to better help cope with stress, join us for a free information session! We’ll give you a brief overview of what mindfulness is and how it can be helpful in navigating the challenges of life.

This 30-minute online session will cover what mindfulness is by going through mindfulness practices that you can bring into your everyday life. With this insight, you can make a mindful decision on if mindfulness is something that would be beneficial to learn for your mental health.

You will learn

  • what mindfulness is

  • how to learn mindfulness

  • understand mindfulness benefits for youth

Upcoming Sessions:

Every Monday @ 6 PM - 6:30 PM (including Q&A)

Facilitator: Jeremy Finkelstein, Registered Psychotherapist


Please let us know HERE if this day/time is not possible for you to attend. We will consider your availability with our future scheduling.


This video captures students' experiences after completing Mindfulness Everyday's,

The Mindful Edge: Stress Reduction and Life Skills program.


The students were taught by YouthMindful's Jeremy Finkelstein RP.