Info Session

for Youth

& Parents

Learn what mindfulness is

and how it can help 

If you are a teen, youth or a parent who is considering mindfulness to better help cope with stress, join us for a free information session! We’ll give you a brief overview of what mindfulness is and how it can be helpful in navigating the challenges of life.

This 60-minute online session will cover what mindfulness is by going through mindfulness practices that you can bring into your everyday life. With this insight, you can make a mindful decision on if mindfulness is something that would be beneficial to learn for your mental health.

You will learn

  • what mindfulness is

  • how to learn mindfulness

  • understand mindfulness benefits for youth

Upcoming Sessions:

Monday, August 10 @ 6 PM - 7 PM (including Q&A)

Facilitator: Jeremy Finkelstein, Registered Psychotherapist


Please let us know HERE if this day/time is not possible for you to attend. We will consider your availability when scheduling the next info session.


This video captures students' experiences after completing Mindfulness Everyday's,

The Mindful Edge: Stress Reduction and Life Skills program.


The students were taught by YouthMindful's Jeremy Finkelstein RP.

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