What is


A quiet, reflective practice to spend time observing thoughts and feelings

A helpful skill to be used at

any time to be more resilient

What It Helps To Do

  • Building awareness of self

  • Gaining an understanding of emotions 

  • Fostering calm alertness

  • Encouraging better,

       more thoughtful decision-           making for the well-being           of oneself and others

  • Improving concentration and focus

  • Making adaptability to change more accessible

  • Balancing moods

  • Responding more objectively to stressful

      and upsetting situations

  • Accepting and being yourself

What It's Not

Religious, spiritual or


Something you need

any special equipment

or clothing for

Dependent on any

previous knowledge

or experience

How Mindfulness Can Help Youth and Teenagers

Mindfulness is a skill youth and teenagers can learn through practicing. It can help them develop awareness and better understand their lived experience. They’ll be able to use this awareness and the insight they gain as a tool to make informed decisions. Making informed, insightful decisions paired with growing self-awareness contributes to better stress-management. Also, this greater awareness allows for more opportunities to cultivate joy and experience gratitude.

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